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Retail Analytics

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Retail Reporting Platform

Our retail reporting platform is designed to provide retailers with a complete solution for data analysis and market offers.

Enabling retailers to quickly and easily identify actionable insights into business operations from end to end across areas such as space, range and display.

  • Brand product insights
  • Complimentary sales
  • Customer behaviour, dwell times
  • Product availability and markdowns

Helping retailers to drive sales and reduce costs using machine learning and business intelligence.

Bridge the Gap Consultancy

We provide consultancy to analyse retailers operational processes across Head Office departments, store estates and IT.

We help bring departments together and identify problems worth solving. Provide assistance with the innovation life cycle and empower internal change makers on the front line to lead the way.

  • Create and pitch a business case
  • Provide project planning
  • Agile implementation
  • Measure the benefits
Consultancy 504x309-01

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