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Printed Point of Sale

Smart in-store signage

Would you like your in-store signage to be rich in content for your customers

With our solution we can help retailers produce content rich point of sale in store. We can produce signage which includes product descriptions, prices, barcodes, pictures, ingredients, country of origin, QR codes, marketing messages and brand standards. In fact anything that retailers need to meet their customers expectations and for their own legal and operational compliance.

Retailers can choose in-store printing, central printing or a combination of the two.

Right every time and available on demand

Would you like to improve your store compliance

We can help retailers eliminate store compliance issues. A key benefit of our solution is that any data set can be updated at any time so the information held is always the most accurate and not restricted by the limitations of daily batch updates.  Staff in stores can be automatically notified when they have to print new tickets or they can print replacement or emergency tickets themselves at any time. The simple in-store user interface means that no staff training is needed to use any feature of the solution. The most up to date tickets are available to all stores at all times.

Multilingual and Multi-currency capabilties

Provides global retailers with a scalable solution that can be implemented across different geographic territories

It offers multiple language options and can also incorporate local currencies, therefore providing a complete cost effective solution that can be managed centrally and implemented in any region.

Customer Benefits

No missing shelf edge tickets

Your customers will no longer be frustrated by the lack of shelf edge tickets. Our solution provides store staff with the ability to print replacement tickets on demand. It can integrate with HHT’s and iOS devices, providing store staff with simple checking and reprinting processes. With devices such as belt printers this can be achieved in-aisle.

Correct shelf edge tickets on display

Customers will be provided with the right product information and price at the shelf edge at all times. Our solution allows retailers to ensure compliance. Store staff are notified when new tickets need to be printed and only the latest version can be printed in-store.

Data rich information at the shelf edge

To make a buying decision, customers need more information at the shelf edge. This can include, but not be limited to, product descriptions, features, prices, barcodes, pictures, ingredients, country of origin, QR codes, marketing messages and customer reviews.

Retailer Benefits

Improved in-store productivity

Store productivity increases by simplifying processes. New and replacement tickets can be printed with as little as 5 clicks of the mouse. New tickets can be printed in store walk order.  In-aisle checks can be done using HHT’s or iOS and Android devices.

Dynamic Pricing

POS, prices and promotions can be updated in minutes across the whole estate.  Allowing for a quick response to competitor pricing and introducing targeted promotions that are time specific, customer specific and store specific pricing and promotions.

Easy Integration, simple to install and supports addition of new technologies

Easy to integrate with multiple data sets in ERP, Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems and other third party data. Simple and quick to install with very low support requirements. Provides a strategic customer communication platform for technologies like ESL’s.

Would you like to know more?

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