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Point of Sale (POS)

Do your systems integrate with your customers?

Are you targeting the right customers – do you know who is coming into your store, how often they purchase and what the size of their basket is?

In today’s omnichannel world it’s the ‘we find you’ not the ‘you find us’ which matters. Do your systems integrate with your customers? We diagnose, design and deliver high performance POS systems for mobile retail. As retailing moves at an ever-increasing speed towards omnichannel, the need to understand customer behaviour across multiple channels has never been greater. Engage with your customers across your store, e-commerce, mobile and social media and create:

  • A personalised shopping experience
  • A better campaign which attracts customers to buy more

Our POS cash system is a modern, flexible, multi-module and fully-integral cash system that enables the realisation of goods and service sales. It has multiple modules providing retailers with a number of advanced functionalities.

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