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Wickes Stores Display the Right Pricing and Promotions at the Shelf Edge
Printed POS

Wickes is a home improvement retailer and garden centre with over 200 stores throughout the UK. Its main business constitutes the sales of supplies and materials for homeowners and the building trade.

The Challenge

Stores were experiencing a high level of label inaccuracy and non-compliance of store signage execution. There were frequent errors in price and promotional labels, and many stores failed internal audits. The promotional labels had numerous sizes and formats. The store teams were struggling to ensure the right price and promotional labels on the right products, at the right time. The cost of refunding customers for pricing errors was significant. Which piece of promotional signage is correct? it seemed a constant question of confused Wickes’ store assistants.

The Solution

NetTickIT® was chosen by Wickes through a tender process as the supplier with the best in market shelf edge label solution. The goal was to address the significant challenges of retail operations.

We worked with Wickes to scope out a NetTickIT® solution for their estate. Collaborating with Marketing, Store Operations, Commercial Buying and IT teams, we identified the real pain points and challenges in each part of the process of setting up product, price and promotional information for in-store labels. NetTickIT® had been used during collaboration with the marketing teams. Together we designed a new format of promotional labels and minimised the number of templates and label sizes used, reducing them by over 40%.

In scoping the project, we identified several additional benefits that Wickes will realise using NetTickIT® across their stores:


  • reduction of manual intervention in signage production by 85% (once a promotion is created, a store label is automatically available within NetTickIT®);
  • improvement of promotional set up accuracy on shelf edge labels from 25% error rate to less than 1%;
  • estimated 50% fewer point of sale sizes and templates reducing costs of in-store signage equipment;
  • new micro-perforated paper allowed ALL shelf edge labels to be printed from one paper stock;
  • simple in-store printing so stores only use black ink – 90% cheaper than colour printing!
  • enabling NetTickIT® to be accessed on their current handheld terminals to enable easy price checking;
  • implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) as part of their in-store user interface for NetTickIT®.


Wickes expect to reduce customer refunds due to incorrect pricing by over £1m within the first year. In the first year alone, their print and paper savings are expected to exceed £400k.


,,We’ve delivered a solution here that both the Business and IT teams are proud of, and our store colleagues have embraced. We’ve learnt a lot about the process of setting up and managing our products and pricing. As a consequence, we’ve managed to cleanse our data. Throughout this project it’s felt easy working with Pierhouse. Always like one team striving to deliver a common goal.

IT Programme Director, Wickes