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Smart in-store signage for every retailer

From forecourts to fine food, DIY to department stores, electrical to entertainment NetTickIT can provide solutions for every sector in retail.  Our solution can deliver numerous commercial and customer benefits for retailers, whatever products they sell and in whatever format they trade in. Because we only work in retail we understand the different challenges presented in each retail sector and can help tailor solutions that support current trading but give retailers a platform on which to grow and develop their customer experiences as new technologies become available.

Whether you want to increase legal compliance, save labour hours, reduce print and paper costs, drive sales or trade consistently across many countries or currencies, NetTickIT can provide a solution. We have helped many retailers achieve their objectives and in many cases find additional sales benefits or cost savings that deliver an even greater return on their investment in NetTickIT.

Smart in-store signage for every customer

Customers are constantly demanding more from retailers and expecting retailers to provide informative, innovative and engaging shopping experiences whenever they shop. They expect prices and promotions to be correct and product information to be accurate, helpful and inspiring.

NetTickIT helps retailers provide the information at the shelf edge customers want and need when they shop. Our solution means retailers can provide a consistent brand experience in every store they trade helping customers navigate stores easily, make informed choices and be more likely to make a purchase in-store. We can help link shelf edge information to give customers even more information on their digital devices, helping them compare products, get personalised information, prices or promotions. It’s pretty simple, NetTickIT helps retailers have great customer conversations!

Smart in-store signage for retailers

Our NetTickIT platform brings a wide range of IT benefits to streamline processes, enable agility and support omnichannel strategy.  Our cloud-based platform is easily integrated with legacy systems and  offers multi currency and multi language functionality.  It is fully flexible to change with market innovations and supports all paper and digital media.

Customers love the rich in-store experience brought to them by the NetTickIT platform. The right information, in the right place, at the right time for easy shopping decisions.

Retailers love NetTickIT’s proven ROI benefits – dynamic in-store promotions, efficient store processes, centralised reporting and compliance as well as multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities.

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