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Mobile and Social Media

Tailored Promotions

People love taking their mobiles shopping

But are retailers making the most of the mobile shopping journey?

Mobile is the critical link which drives omnichannel retail from research to promotion, to buying online.

Would you like to harness your customers mobile devices for promotional messages?

Mobile and Social Media opens up the opportunity to retailers to really fine tune and tailor their promotions to individual customers. Combining audience targeting using tools, such as Customer Locations and Loyalty Schemes, will ensure the promotions delivered are relevant to each individual customer.


Key Benefits

On Brand and Consistent Digital Promotions

Publish promotional messages to mobiles and social media which are on brand, content rich and consistent across all touchpoints.

Enable Dynamic Targeting

Personalisation is possible so that all interactions and offers are compelling and relevant to consumers, making them much more likely to respond.

Building Customer Loyalty

Relevant, appealing offers make customers feel more connected to brands and therefore more likely to keep coming back.

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