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Store Layout Heatmaps

Helping retailers optimise store layouts like never before

Retailers can’t be everywhere all the time so heat mapping entire stores or certain areas allow management to see what’s going on throughout the day at particular periods of time.

Enabling retailers to identifying where there are trends developing, hot spots, dead spots and bottlenecks throughout a store. Ensuring retailers can make informed decisions to improve store layouts and designs including insight into the best product placement and deployment of store resources.

Key Benefits of Heat Mapping

Optimise Marketing and Promotions

Measure interest of promotional displays and which promotions are driving shoppers to displays most effectively.

Insight into Product Placement

Which displays are being visited most and least frequently. Where best to place popular vs unpopular and expensive vs cheap products.

Maximise your Resources

As patterns emerge retailers will be able to detect where shoppers congregate the most and deploy resources accordingly.

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