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Customer Locations

Identify customers near your store

Location data opens up the opportunity for retailers to target their customers at exactly the right time.

The right time could be identifying when your customer is near your store or near your competitors store. Customer locations provide retailers with the ability to push promotions to a customer near a specific store or competitor.

The promotions offered to your customers through location data can be further enhanced to make sure the promotion offered is relevant. This can be achieved by combining location data with customer profiles, loyalty scheme information, competitor pricing, to name but a few.

Identify your customers whilst in-store

The next level of location data is in-store and in-aisle.  This could be using beacon technology to identify your customers whilst dwelling in the aisle by particular products or through customers using your mobile checkout app.

The same is true for in-store locations, as promotions should be offered for nearby stores. This can be achieved by combining other information sources to ensure the optimum customer experience.

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